#TimeFiMedzIt – Medical Sciences Podcast Coming

It’s been quite a buzz over the last week, that a medical sciences podcast is on its way! That’s right, the MedzIt Podcast airs its first episode on August 26, 2020.

The MedzIt Podcast offers students of the medical sciences at the University of the West Indies (UWI) a platform that fosters dialogue in a new and creative way.

The first season will run from August to December 2020. As the seasons progress, the main hosts of the podcasts will change. The debut hosts are Abigail Lindo, Alexander Augier, Anton Goode, and Shanique Singh.


The MedzIt Podcast aims to Connect, Educate, Entertain, and Advocate. Hosts and producers of the MedzIt Podcast will achieve this through the continuous engagement of guests and specially recruited contributors from the talented pool of students across UWI’s campuses.


Abigail Lindo is a second-year medical student and is the President of the Executive Board of the UWI Mona MBBS/DDS Class of 2024.

Alexander Augier is a fourth-year medical student and hails from the Pitons of St. Lucia in the Eastern Caribbean.

Anton Goode is a third-year medical student who, among other things, enjoys singing, hanging out with friends, and ‘good vibes’.

Shanique Singh, a budding model, is a third-year medical student known for her natural skill at slaying the runway.

The MedzIt Podcast is a proud production of HyperAcademics Jamaica Limited.

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