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Managing Director

The HyprFormula!

Look around you, everything has CHANGED, even how regular classes are delivered.
At HYPR we have evolved for YOU!

The HyprCommunity experience enables students to learn and grow together through groups and forums that foster 24/7 access to assistance from students, faculty, & professionals.

HYPRVIDEOS comes as the first and only venture to professionally developed academic videos specific to the UWI context & syllabus, prepared by medical professionals and high achievers.

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HYPRPAPERS has served over 60% of pre-clinical students from its inception in 2018. It offers students a one of a kind opportunity to learn, assess readiness, and prepare through feedback-oriented exam simulations.

HyprReview Sessions offer students the opportunity to indicate topics or aspects of topics from a given range to be tutored upon, thus meeting you exactly where you are

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Meet the #HyprTrio

The HyprTrio is a famous group of three of the program’s top tier students who lead the pre-clinical department of Hypr. They are known for the command of the syllabus, awesome clinical acumen, and the #vibes they bring to medicine!

Xavier Brown
Owen Hyatt
Eric Dixon