Jamaican Government Petitioned To Provide More Support For Medical Students

Some ten Jamaican students have launched a campaign to lobby the newly mandated Jamaican Government to create more slots for sponsorship of medical students at the UWI Mona.

The students in question are:

  • Mikael Larmond, a graduate of the St. George’s College
  • Jeremiah Baker, a graduate of the Kingston College
  • Delmar Squire, a graduate of the Calabar High School
  • Anna-Deborah Halstead, a graduate of the St. Andrew High School for Girls
  • Micheala Campbell, a graduate of the Ardenne High School
  • Nethaneel Campbell, a graduate of Wolmers’ Boy’s High School
  • Kyra Simpson and Ms. Tasseika Dunn, graduates of the Mt. Alvernia High School
  • Jamila Calvin and Ms. Shanique Bailey, graduates of the Herbert Morrison High School
  • Rajae Myers, a graduate of the St. George’s College

Their calls come against the backdrop of intervention just a year ago when the Jamaican Government stepped in to afford students from low-income households to benefit from government sponsorship.

Without sponsorship, these students will have to fork out some J$3,948,000 dollars for tuition alone or defer their studies. The equivalent in USD is $28,000.

We encourage you to support them by signing their petition and sharing the campaign on social media platforms. When you do share, please tag policymakers.

Follow them on Instagram @future_medstudents.

They are scheduled to appear on the next episode of the MedzIt Podcast.


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